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Mme. Vicky, ECE


I grew up in the small Francophone community of Maillardville B.C. I received my Early Childhood Education Certificate from Kwantlen University College in 1997.  My more than 20 years of experience as an Early Childhood Educator in B.C. include working with parents as partners, volunteering in my community and leading/participating in children’s activities.


I like telling stories, teaching music (singing, dance and instruments), and doing art projects and science activities with children. I believe it’s important to open your heart to young children, particularly those who are shy. They need to feel secure before they can begin to learn. I love my work – it gives me joy to see a child gain confidence, learn something new, or give me a big smile! I believe that children are naturally curious, capable, and full of potential. They learn though play, exploration and expressing themselves.


I believe the role of Early Childhood Educators is to organize, present and evaluate educational activities that promote development of the whole child. They should present activities that encourage social responsibility, language skills, gross and fine motor skills, understanding of emotions, science, numeracy and creativity. They should have the ability to guide children in a positive manner. Educators should be good listeners, open-minded, creative, and organized.


I value each child as unique, I believe both the children and their families should be treated with dignity and respect.


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