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The learning environment of Les Petits Voyageurs supports The British Columbia Early Learning Framework whereby the areas of early learning focus on well-being & belonging, exploration & creativity, languages & literacies, and social responsibility & diversity.  Our educational program is based on themes related to the seasons of the year, holidays (i.e. Christmas, Halloween), and general interests of children (i.e. emotions, insects, etc.). We explore each theme using songs, nursery rhymes, stories, arts, crafts, colouring, and games. The activities we offer touch on all developmental aspects of the child (i.e. cognitive, social, emotional, moral, linguistic, and motor).


In order to provide the children with an opportunity to explore and discover, the class includes both structured and un-structured activities organized into learning centers:


- The 'Reading' center where the child can look at books of his/her choice and recreate stories using felt props and puppets.


- The 'Dramatic Arts' center where the child is welcome to use costumes, accessories, and props to express his/her feelings, recreate scenarios, and practice vocabulary words related to each scene.


- The 'Arts and Crafts' center where the child can heighten his/her creativity by exploring different mediums, or work on a themed craft.


- The 'Blocks and Construction' center where the child can use blocks and other construction materials to assemble buildings, roads, tunnels, etc., as well as practice the concepts of mathematics, teamwork, problem solving, and spatial awareness.


- The 'Manipulatives' center where sensory activities (i.e. use of play-doh, sand, water, shaving cream, etc.) are available to appeal to the child's senses, and where fine-motor activities are setup for children to participate in on an individual basis. 


- The 'Games and Puzzles' center where puzzles and games of sequence, association, memory, etc. are available to the children


As we are located within the École des Voyageurs school, we also have access to the gymnasium, library, and playground.


Learning the French language is done in a fun and respectful way using songs, nursery rhymes, rhythms, literature, drama, and repetition. Certain key activities are supported by the french curriculum “Paul et Suzanne”, designed and specialized for preschool children.


A glance at our daily routine:


9:00 am                     Arrival and free play time (including art, playdough, puzzles, etc.)

9:45 am                     Gymnasium time

10:15 am                   Bathroom break, hand-washing, snack time

10:45 am                   Free play time (including kitchen playset, building blocks, books, etc.)

11:15am                    Circle Time (welcome, group discussions, and songs)

11:30am                    Outdoor play (weather-permitting) or active indoor play

12:00pm                    Departure


Note: The daily routine is flexible and can vary based on the needs and dynamics of the group.

Schedule - 2020/21

Our program runs 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) from 9am to Noon.  


Parents have the option to register their child for (any) 2 days/week or 3 days/week.

We follow the school calendar of École des Voyageurs such that the preschool is closed on all Professional Development Days, statutory holidays, as well as during the Christmas, spring, and summer breaks.


Rates - 2020/21


The rates for the 2020-21 school year are as follows:

3 days/week:   $175.00/month

2 days/week:   $135.00/month

The provincial government offers the Affordable Child Care Benefit program for qualifying families.  More information is available here.

Parent handbook and FAQs

Please consult the documents below for more details regarding your child's participation at Les Petits Voyageurs preschool:

Parent Handbook (bilingual)

FAQs (bilingual)

Other early childhood programs available at École des Voyageurs


As of January 2019, the Conseil Scolaire Francophone (school district #93) offers the Franc Départ program (French version of 'Strong Start') at École des Voyageurs.  The program is a no-cost, parent participation, early learning program for children ages 0 to 5. 


For more information on the provincial Strong Start program, click here.

For more information on Franc Départ centres available in B.C. francophone schools, click here.

For more information on École des Voyageurs' Franc Départ centre (French only), click here or e-mail voy-francdepart@csf.bc.ca

COVID-19 consent form

To view and download the consent form to permit your child to participate in our program during the pandemic, please see the link below:

Consent form (bilingual)

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